School Subjects

At Townley this year we have really tried to look at the curriculum we deliver to ensure it sets our children up for life in a world where we do not yet know the jobs they will take. We want our children to be able to question the world around around them, as we know this will help them develop and keep safe; for this reason each topic starts with a question. We try wherever possible to link our topic to the curriculum, but where this is not possible we teach subjects on their own.
We have outlined below some of what is covered in school, if you wish to know more please contact the school. Detailed information for each term is provided by the class teachers in their termly 'Link-Up'.
The full national curriculum documents can be found here.
English is taught according to the national curriculum in all classes. In addition, other opportunities are sought within the curriculum to enable the children to use extended writing and practise the skills learnt in the Literacy session. The strategy means that there is now less time for your child to read individually to an adult in school. It is expected that parents will spend between 10 and 20 minutes a day listening to their children read and even very competent readers need opportunities to discuss what they have read. These home reading activities will be part of the homework set for English and the school will be pleased to help parents with suggested strategies if required.
Maths is taught according to the new national curriculum for all classes. We follow the White Rose maths schemes of work and supplement this with other material as necessary. The lessons vary in length from 45 minutes for the younger children, rising to an hour for the older children. Much of the early work is based on oral and mental work of a practical nature, therefore there is often little or no written recording. As children progress through Key Stage 2 they will be required to do more recorded work. All children will be expected to learn multiplication tables and will be tested regularly.
Although the learning of mathematical skills is important, more important still is the implementation of these skills in a real context, hence the emphasis on ‘real life’ problems and problem solving.
The school teaches science using a new scheme of work and we find that this works well with our mixed aged classes.
Design Technology
The children use a variety of materials and become familiar with the use of the associated hand tools. They then use the skills gained to construct, test and evaluate artefacts of their own design.
All classes have access to at least two internet linked PCs as well as use of the computer suite and laptops. Children use the County Council’s Learning Platform, known as STARZ+, and other external sites under close teacher supervision. We follow the ACE's internet safety programme to teach the children about online safety.
History and Geography
New curriculum guidance is used for both History and Geography. Work commences in Year 1 on subjects known to the children and gradually moves from the familiar to the unknown, all the time extending the children’s powers of observation of the world in which they live, and their knowledge of its development from times past.
Children learn to use a variety of media and techniques and study works by famous artists. Children are encouraged to use their skills across the curriculum to illustrate projects and other work.
Music is enjoyed throughout the school. The school uses Charanga music to support the teaching of music. We including singing as part of our Christmas production as well as learning songs for other occasions such as singing in Church.
Most years we stage dramatic productions and every child in the school is expected to take part. This activity is supplemented during the rest of the year by class and group activities.
Physical Education
A wide range of physical and sporting activities are enjoyed by the pupils. 
Swimming is taught during the summer term in the school’s outdoor heated pool. There is also a football and netball club as well as visits by local coaches (football, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball and rugby). The ‘Olympic Legacy Fund’ is used to extend opportunities for physical education at Townley.
Religious Education
This is taught in accordance with the Local Education Authority’s agreed  syllabus and serves to inform children of the major faiths which exist in our society today. Parents may withdraw their children from these lessons and assemblies by notifying the Headteacher.
We follow the highly regarded Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme as it provides us with a progressive framework for each age group, covering the strands Myself and My Relationships, Healthy and Safer Lifestyles, Citizenship and Economic Well Being,  Body Image and E-safety,  SRE, Drug Education, Anti-bullying and Healthy Eating. We have a two year rolling programme to ensure coverage across the mixed age classes.