Proposal to establish a new Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) provision at Townley Primary School consultation can be found here -

Our Vision and Values

Probitas Verus Honos - Honesty Truth Respect

At Townley we have reviewed our vision and values in consultation with all our stakeholders, including the children and staff. The children and staff are learning the Latin motto, which is part of the history of the school.



At Townley we:


  • Feed irresistible learning for curious minds

  • Embrace change in a safe, nurturing environment

  • Cultivate pride and joy in learning

  • Grow aspiring, ambitious, independent learners

  • Plant seeds for lifelong learning!



  • Setting challenges and fulfilling aspirations

  • Preparing for life in an ever-changing world

  • Developing mindfulness, self-awareness and resilience



  • Being brave, positive and ambitious

  • Promoting self-esteem and growth

  • Becoming unique individuals in a diverse world



  • The environment

  • Our world

  • The community and each other