Medication Forms

Medication in School

At Townley School and Pre-School the following procedures are to be followed when administering medication at school:

  • Medicines should only be administered at school when it would be detrimental to a child’s health or school attendance not to do so.

  • School will not store or administer medicines that have not been prescribed to a child. (Please make arrangements to come into school if you wish to give your child these medicines).

  • In line with other school policies, if medicines are prescribed up to 3 times a day, the expectation is that parents/carers will give these medicines outside of school hours.

  • If medicines are prescribed 4 times a day, parents/carers are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to come in and administer these.

  • If the school agrees to administer medicines to a child the parents/carers must provide the medicine in its original container and must have been dispensed by a pharmacist and have the label showing:

  • Name of child

  • Name of medicine

  • Method of administration

  • The instruction leaflet with prescribed medicines should show:

  • Any side effects

  • Expiry date

The school will provide blank medicine record forms  and parents/carers must complete and sign one of these forms if they leave medicine at school.

Individual Healthcare Plans

Individual Healthcare plans will be drawn up help to ensure that the school and pre-school effectively supports pupils with long term medical conditions. They will identify what needs to be done, when and by whom. Long term conditions could include asthma, epilepsy, it will also include conditions such as ADHD, when medication is taken. 

Individual healthcare plans will be easily accessible to all who need to refer to them while preserving confidentiality. The level of detail within the plan will depend on the complexity of the child’s condition and the degree of support needed. Where a child has SEN but does not have a statement or EHCP their special educational needs should be mentioned in their individual healthcare plan.

Individual healthcare plans should be drawn up in partnership between the school, parents/carers and a relevant healthcare professional. Responsibility for ensuring it is finalised and implemented rests with the school. The school and pre-school will ensure that individual health care plans are reviewed at least annually or earlier if necessary.

A template for individual plans is included below.