Welcome to EYFS

Welcome to Early Years 2020-2021!
Following the Government announcing a National Lockdown from 5th January 2021, we are now closed to all children except those of critical workers or those who are vulnerable.
We have moved to online learning and will be delivering this via Facebook, you can join the  private group here.
Please follow the link to our Home Learning  page for more ideas and information.
Meet the staff
  • Mrs Evans

    Class Teacher

    Hello, I'm Mrs Evans. I 've got 3 boys but they are all grown up now! In my garden, I have lots of ducks and chickens who all have names, Jemima is my favourite.

  • Mrs Chambers

    Senior Early Years Teaching Assistant

    Hello, I am Mrs Chambers, I have 2 teenage daughters and we live on a farm. I love watching the tractors and machinery working in the fields. My favourite time of year is Autumn when the leaves turn brown and fall off the trees

  • Miss Rooney

    Early Years Teaching Assistant

    Hello, I'm Miss Rooney. I live in a house near the river with my 2 children and partner. I love to watch the boats go by and enjoy seeing all of the different wildlife, especially early in the mornings. We all spend a lot of time outside walking, cycling and getting messy!

  • Mrs Gardiner

    Early Years Teaching Assistant

    Hello, I am Mrs Gardiner. I have 2 children who are 11 and 8, both have been to Townley and my 8 year old is still here! I love to garden and being outside. My favourite foods are chocolate and ice cream.

  • Mr Diffey

    Teaching Assistant

    My name is Mr Diffey, I am a very keen gardener. I love being outside and before I was a teaching assistant, I was an archaeologist.

  • Miss Snell

    Teaching Assistant

    Hello, my name is Miss Snell. I have 2 children within the school. I love walking my dogs, puddle jumping and thunderstorms.

  • Miss Hazzard

    Teaching Assistant

    Miss Hazzard is new to our team! Watch this space for her "about me" information.