School Structure

Class Organisation
In September 2107 we introduced four classes which are currently organised as follows:


EYFS - Nursery / Reception          Teacher Miss Lavender 
  TA's  Mrs Chambers, Miss Rooney, Mrs Gardiner and Ms Snell
Hawker – Year 1 / Year  2 Teachers Miss Butler and Miss Gathercole
  TA's Miss Hammond and Mrs Wray
Emerald – Year 3 / Year 4  Teacher Mrs Ford and Mrs Greening
  TA Mrs Henson, Mrs Gibson, Miss Chenery and Mrs Beers                              
Emperor- Year 5 / Year 6  Teachers Mrs Culyer and Miss Gathercole
  TA Mrs Haylock, Mr Archer, Ms England and Miss Chenery
School Council 

This year our School Council members are; Charlotte, Isabella, Olly, Ashley, Shania and Dagan
T.O.P.S. (Townley Official Playground Squad)

This is the official photograph of the new T.O.P.S. They have begun their new roles following their successful interviews!