School Structure

Class Organisation
In September 2017 we introduced four classes which are currently organised as follows:


EYFS - Nursery / Reception          Teacher Mrs Evans 
  TA's  Mrs Chambers, Miss Rooney, Mrs Gardiner, Mr Diffey, Mrs Maragoudakis, Miss Hazzard and Miss Snell
Hawker – Year 1 / Year  2 Teachers Mrs Steer
  TA's Miss Hammond, Mrs Hazzard, Miss Chenery and Mrs Freeland
Emerald – Year 3 / Year 4  Teacher Mrs Greening
  TA  Mrs Gibson  and Miss Pheasant                      
Emperor- Year 5 / Year 6  Teachers Mr Enstone
  TA Miss Gathercole and Mrs Beers
T.O.P.S. (Townley Official Playground Squad)

This is the official photograph of the new T.O.P.S. They have begun their new roles following their successful interviews!