Reading in Hawker Class

Summer Term: April 2021
Reading is a high priority in Key Stage One and we read every day. We have daily phonics sessions for year 1 and teach reading through this. We use the award winning, multi-sensory programme 'StoryTime Phonics' which uses real books to embed the new phonemes that children have learnt. To see examples of this online click on this link.
In addition to phonics, we have:
Guided reading. This can take various forms. Adults take children in small groups, of the same reading ability, and support the children to read the appropriate text. This supports the skill of decoding and allows the children to apply the phonemes they have recently learnt in phonics lessons. Reading comprehension also takes place during these sessions where children learn to understand what is happening in a text. Children begin to learn about inference in the summer term of year 1 (that is working out what is happening in a story that has not explicitly been said for example, inferring that a character is feeling sad from either an illustration or clues in the text). 
Independent reading. This is where children read to themselves. At this time adults also hear children read on a 1:1 basis.  
Shared reading. This is where an adult shares a book with the class or a group of children. The adult differentiates this so that children can read the words that they know. These books are chosen for their interest level and their rich vocabulary. Often we will choose books that are at a higher reading level than the children are currently at in order to expose them to texts that they cannot access themselves. 
Children have banded reading books that are a mix of 'decodable' readers that match to the stage of phonics that they are at, and real books. These range from level 1 to level 22. We have hard copies of books in our class library and children have access to books at their correct level via Bug Club
We have Story Cafes once a term and will invite you to come back in and read with us for these as soon as we can. In the meantime, please see the Teams pages for our class for photographs from our Science Story Cafe in December 2020.  
If you would like to volunteer to come in and hear children read, please do let us know, we would love to have you. 
If you have any questions about reading please do speak to me - Mrs Steer - or one of the Hawker Class Team.