At Townley we welcome children age 2 to 5 years old to a variety of interesting, fun and educational activities, in a stimulating and light environment. Our Nursery was a Pre-School, run under Section 27 Community Powers. In September 2017 it became a maintained nursery class with the Reception children under the direction of a qualified teacher.  We believe in earning through imagination, creativity and play.
Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. 
We all need to work together to give our children the best care and education we can.
More information on our Early Years unit can be found here.
We open Monday to Friday 9am until 3pm.
The children self register on arrival at 9am and are welcomed by the staff. Our Pre-School is run as an early years unit, with our reception children, under the direction of a qualified teacher. Free-flow is encouraged indoors and to the outdoors that consists of a decking area, safe surface area and grass. We offer a wide range of resources and activities that include sand, water, messy play, mark-making, books, lots of opportunities for role-play, arts and crafts, construction, a computer with educational games and much more.
Children are encouraged to prepare themselves for outdoor play, whatever the weather. Please provide your child with a pair of wellies that can be left at pre-school. Waterproof clothing is provided.
Aprons are provided for messy play and water, although this does not always stop children's clothing becoming wet or dirty. We do ask that you provide a spare set of clothing that you can leave in a bag on your child's peg. Please do not send your child in clothing that you do not wish to become stained.
Snack is available throughout the morning and afternoon sessions. The children can choose from 2 to 3 different fruits or vegetables. They are offered milk or water to drink. The children remove their name from the registration board and place it at a space at the snack table. They are encouraged to serve themselves and  wash up their cup and plate afterwards.
If your child has an allergy to any food, staff must be informed. We do not allow children to share their food to protect children with allergies.
At 11.50am we come together and talk about our day, read a story, or sing some songs and say goodbye to the children that are leaving at 12pm. 
At 12pm the children staying for lunch or joining the afternoon session come and join us for some group time, before washing their hands and going to the school dining hall with their friends to eat their packed lunch or school meal.
At 3pm collections we like parents/carers to walk into the unit, collect their child and exit through the double doors that lead onto the decking area. This allows staff to communicate with parents.
Townley Pre-schools curriculum is based on the revised Early Years Foundation Stage. 
Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage learn by playing and exploring. It helps them to understand the world around them and to develop socially and emotionally. We encourage children to develop their independence by allowing them to make their own choices.
Each child is allocated a 'key person' before they start pre-school. The key person will arrange a home visit to get to know the child and his/her parents/carers in their home environment. This gives us time to get to know the child's likes and dislikes and gives parents/carers time to ask any questions they may have.
The child's key person will care for them, and observe their progress. Purposeful activities will be planned around the child's interests, with a mixture of adult led and child initiated.
Each child has a learning journal that we use to collect photographs and observations of their time at pre-school.
We also have a board in the foyer that tells you what we have been doing each day.