Governing Body Core Functions

While Governors hold responsibilities for monitoring the progress of the Annual School Improvement Plan, we have to ensure that we follow the main purposes of Governance. All Governing Bodies have three core functions which are listed below.

Our actions to fulfil these three key functions for the academic year are summarised below




Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • We need to be certain that everyone knows exactly what Townley is all about – our values and aspirations (what we want our children to be like when they move on at 11) our ethos (the Townley way of doing things) so we are reviewing this. Staff, learners and parents will be invited to join in to create our updated Townley vision.
  • The School Improvement and Development Plan drives all of the priorities for the year so we will be checking that timely progress is being made – each Governor has particular responsibility areas to work on



Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff

  • Governors will meet with the Head and LA advisers to look at data and raise questions to make sure that every child is receiving the best education we can offer. We will ask how those children needing additional support, for whatever reason, are able to access this.
  • Governors will be involved in setting targets and appraising the performance of the headteacher
  • We will meet with teachers responsible for leading key curriculum areas such as English and Maths
  • We are purchasing a new integrated curriculum, Cornerstone, so Governors will look in books and talk to children to see if the way the National Curriculum is being delivered is interesting and engaging

Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

  • Having bought in a new Curriculum, the Cornerstone Curriculum, there will be changes to topics and need for new resources. As money is tight, we will have to prioritise.
  • Our EYFS outdoor area is much improved in recent months but we are looking to replace the old portable structure with something better, there will be costs here to agree or put on hold
  • We will monitor how effectively Pupil Premium funding is used to support more vulnerable pupils and raise achievement
  • Chair of Governors will meet regularly with school Finance Officer to discuss the budget and any areas of overspend.
  • We will support the Headteacher in bidding for additional funding through funding streams available to us within the Fenland Opportunity Area, especially for training teachers new to their roles at Townley.
  • We will prioritise any available spend for maintenance this year on refurbishing the boy’s toilets and painting corridors to make them more inviting with display space used for promoting our Values and Vision for the future.