I am very excited to be leading the Science at Townley School this year and have lots of ideas about how to develop and enrich our Science Curriculum.
I will be hosting a small Science Club during Wednesday lunchtimes after October half-term and if this is a success I will roll this out to an after-school club. 
The Science that we are covering this term in Hawker Class is all linked to our Enchanted Forest topic. An outline of the main objectives can be found below:

  • Observe the local environment throughout the year and ask and answer questions about living things and seasonal change.
  • Identify, compare, group and sort a variety of common plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees, based on observable features.
  • Observe objects, materials, living things and changes over time, sorting and grouping them based on their features.
  • With support, use simple equipment to measure and make observations.