Parental Survey - 2014/15 Summary
% of completed questionnaires (% have been rounded)
  Strongly agree/ Agree Neither Disagree/
I feel the school encourages parents to play an active part in the life of the school 100%    
I would find it easy to approach the school with questions or problems to do with my  93% 7%  
The school gives me a clear understanding of what is taught 93% 3% 3%
The school keeps me well informed about my Child(ren)'s progress 100%    
The School enables my child(ren) to achieve a good standard of work 97%   3%
The school encourages children to get involved with more than just their daily  97% 3%  
I am satisfied with the work my child(ren) are expected to do at home 97% 3%  
My child(ren) feel safe at school 91% 7%  
The school achieves a good standard of behaviour 97% 3%  
My child(ren) like(s) school 93% 3% 3%
33 Quesionnaires returned / 71 sent out (46%)