Our writing

We link our writing to our topic work and so writing this half term will be linked to the beachcombers theme.
The areas that we will cover in writing from the start of term are outlined below but this is just a short overview. If you would like to know any more about this, please do come and speak to Mrs Steer (Miss Butler).
The children will learn about words and sentences and how to construct these. They will learn about using capital letters at the start of a sentence, for proper nouns and for the personal pronoun I. They will also learn about full stops and how to use them properly. 
Year 2 children will learn about the four different sentence types (commands, questions, statements and exclamations) and how/ when to use these. 
Children will write in a variety of different ways - in their books, on paper, on whiteboards and chalk boards, and by completing challenges and labelling objects. We will celebrate all writing and any improvements children have made. 
Our current English unit is based on the Julia Donaldson book The Snail and the Whale. Ask your child what they can remember from this story.