Our writing

We have been using story maps to record the main events from the story Where the Wild Things are. This is one of the first parts in the Talk for Writing method that we use in Hawker Class.
We begin by getting the know the story really well and create a story map based on it. We then use the story map to help us to come up with actions to use when re-telling the story. This helps the children to learn the story really well, as it is multi-sensory and fun. They are then able to learn the different text patterns that can be found in fiction.
The children use the story map to help remind them of the events and actions and we practice re-telling it aloud regularly before the children begin to re-write the story. Pupils changed the main character in the story and some of the year 2 pupils also changed the setting.
Here are links to some of the work that the children did: 
Year 1 story map
year 2 story map
Year 1 re-write
Year 2 re-write.