Our Learning

Our wonderful world! 

This term we will be engaging in lots of interesting learning and an overview is provided below. If you would like any additional information, please contact Mrs Steer.

In phonics we will be:

  • recapping the phase 3 phonemes and graphemes taught in Reception,
  • learning the phase 4 phonemes,
  • learning the phase phase 5 phonemes

In writing we will be learning about:

  • poetry (rhythm and rhyme),
  • setting descriptions,
  • writing instructions and
  • shape poems and calligrams. 

Whole class reading will be based on the texts:

  • Beegu,
  • Where the wild things are,
  • The storm whale,
  • The owl and the pussycat and
  • The boy who cried wolf.
In maths children will be taught: 
Year 1
  • Place value within 10
  • Place value within 20
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Geometry - shape
Year 2
  • Place value 
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Money
  • Multiplication
The science topics for this term are:
  • Seasonal changes,
  • Plants, including trees
  • Animals, including humans
Our geography units are:
  • The 7 continents
  • The 5 oceans
  • The United Kingdom and it's 4 countries
  • The seas surrounding the UK
Our history unit will look at:
  • Changes within living memory
  • Timelines and chronological order
Our PSHE curriculum includes:
  • Beginning and belonging
  • Family and friends
In RE we will investigate the questions:
  • Who is Jesus? A great teacher or a great leader? 
  • How and why do people celebrate Birthdays? 
In Art we will be learning:
  • Drawing
  • Creating transient art
  • Making decorations for national events (e.g. Harvest, Halloween, Christmas)