Opening Times

Pre-School opening times for the following days:-

Monday Morning session   9am - 12pm     Afternoon session   12pm - 3pm 
Tuesday Morning session   9am - 12pm    Afternoon session           12pm - 3pm
Wednesday Morning session  9am - 12pm    Afternoon session  12pm - 3pm
Thursday   9am - 12pm    Afternoon session          12pm - 3pm
Friday Morning session   9am - 12pm    Afternoon session  12pm - 3pm

You can order a school meal for your child, or provide a healthy packed lunch if your child/children attends all day or the afternoon sessions. School meals for Nursery children are charged at £2.00 per meal and need to be ordered before 9.15am on the day they are required.

If you are ever late collecting your child please ring to let staff know, so they can reassure your child and look after them until you arrive.

If you wish someone else to collect your child, you MUST let staff know beforehand. For safety reasons your child cannot go with someone who is not known to the staff.

The School car park is for staff only so please leave your car on the main road when coming to Pre-School.