Hawker class will use the Power Maths scheme for our maths lessons. 
Year 1s will begin with counting numbers to 20.
Year 2s will begin with counting numbers to 100. 
It is useful for your child to know their number bonds to ten as these make up the basis of a lot of the maths that we complete. A helpful (and very 'catchy') video can be found here: 
Times Tables
By the end of Key Stage 1 pupils should know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Most will also know their 3 times tables.
We use BBC SuperMovers to help with these.
They are great fun, involve movement/ dancing and singing and are proven to help children to learn. You can access them here:
We will also use games from the Hit the Button website to reinforce number bonds to and within 10 and 20, doubles and various number patterns. The website can be accessed here: