Hawker class are currently looking at place value in maths and we have been working with ten frames and part-whole models to investigate this. These are also useful models for addition and subtraction. (See photos below).
The children have been learning that the parts of the part-whole model combine to make the whole and year 2s are investigating the relationship between these parts and the whole and are looking at all of the different fact families. 
Pupils in year 2 have been adding a one-digit number to a two digit number using a variety of techniques: looking for the nearest 10 and using a part whole model; using a number line to count on; and the column addition method. We have also been looking at 'bridging ten' and 'exchanging'.
Times Tables
At Key Stage 1 pupils should know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Some will also know their 3 times tables. We use BBC SuperMovers to help with these.
They are great fun, involve movement/ dancing and singing and are proven to help children to learn. You can access them here:
We will also use Rock Star Times Tables with year 2 pupils from January.