How can I support my child at home?

Frequently Asked Questions and Home Learning


We understand that this is a difficult time and that many parents now find themselves thinking about how best to continue their child’s education whilst at home.  We have put together a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will give you some advice and guidelines. At the bottom of the page you will find additional links which are suitable for all ages. Please use the class pages for a timetable of the day and use their Microsoft Teams account for specific learning.


Where can I find information about what my child should be learning?

We have worked hard to get as much information as possible on our website whilst not overwhelming you.  Each class has a closed Facebook Group containing all key information needed.  This contains online lessons, the daily class story time as well as a place for you to share with each other. Links to each page were emailed home, but they can also be found on our school Facebook page. The school Facebook page is open and can be viewed without the need for a Facebook account.

Where should I put the work when completed?

We are provided children with a blank workbook to use to record their home learning.  

It would be lovely to see examples of some of the things the children are doing at home.  Feel free to take photos and upload them to the class groups on Facebook or email to the school . We would like to put some examples on the website so others can see and be inspired by what their classmates are doing!  Please indicate whether we have your permission to use these on our site/Facebook page when you email them by stating PERMISSION OK! under the pictures.  Please be aware that not everything will go on the site but it would be lovely for teachers to see some of the great things that are being done at home!

Do I need to print off lots of the work from the websites? 

No, this is not necessary.  The home-school packs on the website are optional work that can be completed alongside the weekly learning if you so wish. These do not need to be printed off and the work can be left on the screen whilst answers are recorded in their workbooks or on paper.  We appreciate that some of the questions might be challenging to complete without the paper copy but encourage them to ‘get creative!’  There is NO expectation that ALL the work pack is completed.  

What if my child finds the work too hard/easy?

We have been careful to choose a range of activities that hopefully can be self differentiated.  We have included lots of video and interactive sites, together with English work that is presented in an accessible way.  If your child requires more support then email us and we will call you back as soon as possible (during term time).  Alternatively, you are free to jump into earlier year group pages and pick areas that you feel are more engaging/suitable for your child.  This is also the case if your child wants more challenge - feel free to look at higher year group pages.  


What do I do if we do not have any suitable reading books at home for our children?

We have a great link to Oxford Owl which has some great free eBooks to read online here.

AR have made their collection of books open to all at this stage and can be found here.

Audible have made a number of their books free here.


How can I manage time if I have more than one child at home?

This can be a real challenge, especially when you are trying to get your head around how your children should be carrying out their learning. Try starting ‘Maths time’ with one of your children and then giving them some questions to practise by themselves while you move on to support your other child/children. Alternatively, one child could be enjoying some quiet time activities while you support the other. There may be some things they can enjoy together, like storytime and they may enjoy learning about the topic both they and their siblings will be learning about in the Summer term. Enlist the help of older siblings too - they can be your personal assistants!


How should I structure my child’s day?

Children like routine so if you can keep to a similar structure most days, this will help your child feel more relaxed. We have provided some examples on our website of how you can break up your day into smaller chunks, allowing for outdoor/physical time, creative time, learning time and family time. 


If I want to speak to a member of staff about the curriculum/learning, is there anyone I can contact?

We have provided you with a dedicated group email address in order to support you during this time.  This address can be used to ask any questions or submit any work that you would like the class teacher to see.  Please note that teachers will read/respond to these emails during working hours, providing they are well and able to do so